About us / History

From Tien Pham, co-inventor of f.lashes:

F.lashes started off as a Halloween project with Davey Taylor, my co-inventor.
We worked together at an electronics company, and one day, I noticed him
working with tiny LEDs. I asked him if it was possible to somehow incorporate
them into my costume - perhaps making them into LED Lashes.
We formed Tavey Designs LLC so that we could bring our idea to market.

After a video of me wearing f.lashes during Maker Faire in San Mateo went viral,
I realized their worldwide potential. The reaction has been unbelievable.
Both Davey and I are awestruck by the response to our f.lashes. We can hardly
believe that a small side project that we worked on in Davey’s basement studio
during our spare time would generate such worldwide attention.

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